Hand-Built Camping Spaces in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

These camping spaces are not your typical “concrete slabs”- these are minimalist plots of land that provide a personal experience that is as close to nature as you can get within the Lava Hot Springs city limits, for a price well below anything else offered.

One of the camping spaces - "Wildflower Waking"

One of the camping spaces – “Wildflower Waking”

Each camping area was hand-picked by a resident, and includes all of the services offered with the cabins and raised camping areas, such as complimentary wifi, coffee, and full use of all Bristol Cabins shared spaces (such as the picnic areas, fire pits, and kitchen/bathroom areas).

There are two types of camping area: river and mountain. River camping areas are located right on the banks of the Portneuf River, overlooking a scenic natural series of waterfalls and tumbling, yet peaceful, whitewater currents. Mountain camping areas, on the other hand, are located further up the mountain side and nestled amongst the trees and shrubbery of the many mountain trails on the Bristol property. Both sites provide a gorgeous mountain view is not easily forgettable – Mt. Moh looms just south of the camping areas and provides a cooling shade in the early morning as well as many stunning vistas during the day if you should choose to hike the trails.

To Reserve a Camping Space

Pricing/Rates: Weekday: $10.00/night  Weekend: $15.00/night

Use the widget on the right or below to check availability and book online, or call/text us any time at 208-540-1278.