Call for Residents

We are seeking a community of passionately skilled people with the desire to work for the success of something greater than themselves without the sole ambition of money, power, or fame as a driving force, but rather the ambition of sharing and experiencing a related perception of beauty, expression, and integrity.

To inquire about joining the Bristol Community as a resident, contact us at or by phone at 208-540-1278.

See below for the conditions surrounding residency in the Bristol Community.

Resident Expectations

Residents whose primary input to the community is labor based earn their stay through a simple credit system. Each resident who starts off under these terms is assigned a list of projects or a single project that they will be expected to finish in an individually determined amount of time. Depending on individual work preferences, residents can either finish of their assigned work in larger blocks of time and be finished with their duties with full days to spend at leisure, or can spread their assigned work out into smaller blocks, resulting in a consistent work schedule. If a member is able to pinpoint their abilities and can prove expertise in a certain profession, that becomes the individual’s primary function in the community, as determined by the community and the individual collectively. Similarly, if a member expresses interest in a profession in which they have limited experience, the individual will be given the chance to focus their efforts on developing their understanding of and proficiency in that profession. In this manner, every important aspect of the community that allows for it to function properly and with fluidity will eventually have the full attention of a specialized community member or group of specialists, yet individuals have the capacity and flexibility to expand their expertise at their own will.

Residents whose primary input to the community is purely art-based will be given an allotted amount of “setup” time, depending upon the required materials and the marketability of the product, in which their main goal is creating a comfortable work environment for themselves. During this time, the artists will not be expected to make any financial contribution towards amenities. Once an artist or group of artists has a steady supply of business, they are expected to pay a minimum of 10% of their profit into a silo account specific to the type of artwork that they are producing, or trade, as a means of contributing to the community. This account will be accessible only to the specific trade responsible for any money accumulated in the account. Silo account funds are strictly for use when needed by the trade, as determined by a financial forum attended by the members of the trade and delegated by an elected financial committee. For example, if the potters experience a drought of income for a substantial amount of time and are unable to purchase supplies, they can access their silo funds to purchase what is needed. If an artist is unable to sell his/her goods, they may be given an extension on the initial grace period in which they will be expected to seek out a market for their product, pending approval from the community. An artist who is repeatedly unsuccessful in finding a market will not be kicked to the curb, but will instead be given “development” time to hone in their skills. During this time or other periods in which financial contribution is not possible, artists are expected to contribute time and energy towards various other community projects in place of the usual financial commitments.


The current resident quarters consist of a single housing structure with several rooms containing bunk beds, housing 2 residents per room. This structure contains all of the necessary living arrangements, such as a bathroom (with a compost toilet), a kitchen, a living area, and a community hall. There is currently no central heating, and heat is provided by a wood-burning stove, the maintaining of which is part of the responsibilities of each resident as per a scheduled “fire shift”. Electricity is available, and internet access is provided directly on the premises.  Residents are welcome to bring any materials or personal possessions they feel necessary, provided they can reasonably be stored on the property, are not a danger to the lives of the other residents or any other person, and adhere to the federal, state, and local laws. Residents are also free to personalize their living quarters, so long as their rationalizations do not infringe on their roommates, if applicable.

Residents may come and go as they please, and are free to traverse the Bristol property, so long as they do not disturb the visitor areas or cause damage to community property. There are no rules regarding curfews or working hours, though the community asks that you take the schedules of the rest of the residents into consideration. The community does not tolerate the possession of any illicit chemicals or substances on the premises, other than legally prescribed medication, alcohol, and tobacco products.

To inquire about joining the Bristol Community as a resident, contact us at or by phone at 208-540-1278.