The Bristol Community

The Bristol Community is an intentional community of artists, labor professionals, and a variety of diverse people simply interested in sharing their experience on this earth with others.

Values and Mission

The residents of the Bristol Cabins Community are a small group of individuals, both fixed and transient, who hope to grow to a global community connected through the cultivation of consciousness and driven by creativity expressed through the creation of art and other skilled trade products.

We are seeking to build a community workforce; yet not just any person who can labor at the will of others, or who has harnessed their imaginative abilities for the sake of profit or fame, is ready to become a part of our workforce. What we are seeking is a community of passionately skilled people with the desire to work for the success of something greater than themselves without the ambition of money, power, or fame as a driving force, but rather the ambition of sharing and experiencing a related perception of beauty, expression, and integrity.

For adequate cultivation of this community, a full spectrum of participants willing to fill the roles of both teachers and students is vital for success. This is a need not only for teachers of a specific field, or for students seeking specific knowledge, but all individuals who are genuinely interested in improving their ability to understand and shape the world around them and help others to do the same.

The path to success will be one of repeated action and reaction, of interaction, of inter-subjection and collective direction. As such, until every person has found their niche and every essential role is filled, the community must function with patience and understanding. Trial and error is necessary in order for true cooperation and respect to develop, in a sense that every job in the community has equal importance and must be approached as such.

With the right minds and ambitions, the community will be able to reach a point of complete self-sufficiency, and the reliance on a fiat currency can be abandoned. Through a collective pooling of knowledge, skills, and experience, we can achieve a better understanding of and harmony with ourselves, the natural world, and society as a whole.

Learn More

Our Key Trades and Interests page explains the types of individuals we see as key to the growth of our community, while the Call for Residents page gives details on the conditions of becoming and being a Bristol Community resident.

As always, you are also welcome to reach out to us via social media, email (, or phone (208-540-1278).